I’m proud to serve on a number of very influential committees. Every Bill has its start as a “good idea” which eventually gels into a black-and-white piece of proposed legislation. Once that’s done the Bill comes through a Senate Committee to be scrubbed, amended, and either approved or disapproved. Before a Bill can ever make it to the floor for a vote and the ability to become a law it must go through its respective committee process. If you would like to check on the status of any given committee you can do so at:

Senate Committee on Fiscal Accountability and Responsibility (Chairman): Williams, Chairperson; Bussman, Coleman, Glover, Keahey, Scofield, Taylor.

All matters related to reduction in government, fiscal accountability, transparency, some matters related to business tax incentives, and more.

Senate Committee on Ethics, Campaign Finance, and the Constitution (Vice Chairman): Taylor, Chairperson; Williams, Vice Chairperson; Beasley, Bussman, Irons, McGill, Pittman, Orr (President Pro Tempore Designee).

All matters related to the laws concerning ethical behavior for legislators and state employees, matters related to the financing of campaigns and conduct of running or participating in the election process, and matters related to the Alabama Constitution of 1901 (as amended), and more.

Senate Judiciary Committee (Member): Brooks, Co-Chairperson; Ward, Co-Chairperson; Coleman, Fielding, Keahey, Orr, Smitherman, Taylor, Whatley, Williams, Brewbaker (President Pro Tempore Designee).

All matters related to the laws that govern daily life in Alabama whether civil or criminal, and the administration thereof, to include criminal sentencing, corrections, civil penalties, rules of courtroom procedure, rules of evidence, probate law, and more.

Senate Agriculture Committee (Member): Whatley, Chairperson; Glover, Vice Chairperson; Beasley, Bussman, Keahey, McGill, Sanford, Scofield, Singleton, Williams (President Pro Tempore Designee).

All matters related to the Agriculture industry in the State of Alabama, to include farming of all types, marketing of goods, use of chemicals in farming, use of lands, and interstate shipment of produce and goods and more.

Senate Veterans and Military Affairs Committee (Member): Holtzclaw, Chairperson; Brooks, Holley, Ross, Smith, Taylor, Whatley, Williams, Dial (President Pro Tempore Designee).

All matters related to issues that face State citizens who are veterans of the US armed forces, the Alabama State Military Department, benefits for veterans, veterans rights, military infrastructure, and more.

Senate Taxation and General Fund Budgeting Committee (Member): Orr, Chairperson; Beasley, Bedford, Brewbaker, Dunn, Holtzclaw, Pittman, Sanford, Singleton, Ward, Waggoner, Williams

All matters related to non-education funding and budgeting in State government.

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Phil Williams is an Attorney with his own firm of Williams & Associates, LLC in Gadsden, Alabama. His legal focus is largely in the areas of insurance, municipal and corporate defense. Phil has also served as the Chief Operations Officer and General Counsel for TaxBreak, which has its corporate offices in Gadsden, Alabama. TaxBreak is one of only a handful of Alabama based Inc-500 companies and has clients in all 50 States. His legal experience covers all levels including appellate, and he is admitted to practice in all State and Federal Courts in Alabama.

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