Perfection Versus Excellence

September 24, 2015 M. Ray
As I write this opinion I am a few days removed from the final round of Alabama’s budgeting melee. It was a thorough and exhausting process and while I am not entirely satisfied with the result I recognize that there were some solid victories in the process. It calls to mind a quote I’ve retained
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Alabama Budgeting a la Oliver Twist

September 7, 2015 M. Ray
The Dickens classic Oliver Twist transcends time and some critics say it was a catalyst for social change in its day. As we enter the second special session of the Alabama Legislature to focus on the anemic and malnourished General Fund budget I am reminded of a specific iconic scene from Dickens novel. Young Oliver,
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Senator Phil Williams Speaks on Education

May 23, 2014 Panik
Several times I have spoken at forums related to education. Most recently I discovered too late that the AEA in Cherokee County had scheduled a candidates forum at a time when I was already scheduled to speak to another group in a neighboring county. I found out secondhand about the Monday forum late on the
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Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas

December 20, 2013 M. Ray
I want to wish everyone a wonderful and Merry Christmas!
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Williams Appointed to 4th Alabama National Guard Unit

November 15, 2013 M. Ray
Military roots run deep for Phil Williams. Serving one’s country is a tradition that dates back to his great-grandfather and extends to his son. LTC Phil Williams takes over command of the 4thAlabama Williams took his own place in history Sunday when he assumed command of the 1-167th Infantry Battalion, a National Guard unit, in
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Alabama state senators new ad highlights his experience as a decorated soldier

September 25, 2013 Panik
State Sen. Phil Williams, R-Rainbow City, has released a new TV ad, making him one of the first incumbents seeking re-election in 2014 to hit the airwaves this early. It could be a smart strategy — getting out in front of the election season clutter and reminding Cherokee and Etowah County voters who he is.
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"Licensure Freedom Act" Filed by Sen. Williams Ahead of 2014 Session

September 18, 2013 Panik
New Bill Includes Prohibition Against Conditioning Licensure On Meaningful Use Compliance Four months ahead of the start of the 2014 Legislative Session which begins January 14, 2014, Senator Phil Williams (R- Rainbow City) has prefiled the “Licensure Freedom Act”, SB 22, which would prohibit physician participation in any public or private health insurance plan or
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TV Story on TV-24

July 30, 2013 M. Ray
Curious as to what Phil has to say on TV-24?  Check out this recent interview by clicking here
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Alabama is the Land of Great Possibilities

July 29, 2013 M. Ray
In 2002, in the early days of the war in Afghanistan, I had a great conversation with an Afghan man on the outskirts of the Coalition area of operations. He was amazed by the technology, values and freedom that I described to him in the land that I came from. I will never forget the look
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Obama's Anti-Coal Agenda Would Be a Blow to Alabama

July 3, 2013 M. Ray
 Alabama’s economy is on a positive growth track, but the latest liberal winds blowing in from Washington have the potential to devastate our State’s economy. In 2012 I helped to pass an economic incentive plan in the Alabama State Senate designed to grow Alabama’s economy through coal production. Within weeks of the passage of that
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Williams Announces Plans for Reelection to Senate District 10

June 6, 2013 M. Ray
Gadsden– Citing a desire to continue working to bring jobs and growth to his area, as well as representing the conservative values of local communities, State Senator Phil Williams (R-Rainbow City) announced today that he is a conservative Republican candidate for reelection to District 10 of the Alabama State Senate. “It has been a great
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Senator Williams Named Vice Chairman of Senate General Fund Budget Committee

April 8, 2013 M. Ray
MONTGOMERY– The Alabama Senate Committee on Assignments announced Tuesday that Senator Phil Williams (R-Rainbow City) was chosen to serve as Vice Chairman of the Senate General Fund Budget Committee. The committee’s chairman, Senator Arthur Orr (R-Decatur), said Williams will be a valuable addition to the committee’s leadership, noting his colleague’s conservative approach to governing and
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A New Day for Children in Alabama

March 6, 2013 M. Ray
At a critical juncture in the Cold War President Ronald Reagan shocked the world with a call to Mikhail Gorbechev to “tear down this wall!” Members of Reagan’s own cabinet cringed and asked him to backpedal from such a strong stand. But his stand did not waiver and the winds of change swept across Eastern
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Safer Schools - A Call to Adapt

December 17, 2012 M. Ray
As the horror of the recent events in Connecticut have unfolded I’ve been watching the updates with real emotion. No amount of words can assuage the grief of that community, much less the families who are coping with the unexpected loss of their loved ones. I am praying for them and encourage you all to
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An Obamacare Healthcare Exchange Represents a Freedom Exchange

November 26, 2012 M. Ray
I applaud Governor Bentley’s recent bold decision to oppose the establishment of a federally mandated healthcare exchange under the terms outlined in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, otherwise known affectionately as “Obamacare”. The liberal Democrat leadership in the State House and Senate have already decried the Governor’s position and in doing so they
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Alabama is a Beacon for the Nation

November 8, 2012 M. Ray
On election night 2012 I joined conservatives all over the country in a shared sense of disbelief as the most liberal President in the history of the United States was re-elected with numbers that no other incumbent administration has been able to survive. It was beyond disappointing and carries grave consequences for our great nation.
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GOP to Rescind 61% Pay Raise, Give Voters a Say in Legislative Pay

February 10, 2012 M. Ray
By: Cliff Sims In a move that’s being applauded today by voters around the state, GOP House and Senate members have vowed to rescind the 61% pay raise that Democrats voted themselves while in the majority in 2007. Senator Phil Williams (who I’m excited to report will soon be a Yellow Hammer contributor) laid it
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Williams part of bid to lower Alabama legislative pay

February 9, 2012 M. Ray
By PHILLIP RAWLS Associated Press Published: Tuesday, February 7, 2012 at 10:30 a.m. MONTGOMERY — Several Republican legislators are working on a plan to lower the Legislature’s compensation and make sure the Legislature can’t change its pay plan again without a vote of Alabama citizens. Sens. Phil Williams and Bryan Taylor and Rep. Mike Ball
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Goodyear incentive bill to be part of session

January 26, 2012 M. Ray
By Dana Beyerle Times Montgomery Bureau Published: Wednesday, January 25, 2012 at 7:52 p.m. Last Modified: Wednesday, January 25, 2012 at 7:53 p.m. MONTGOMERY — The legislative session that begins Feb. 7 will include bills that run the gamut from education to abortion and budgets, but there may be no issue more important than job
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Senator Phil Williams 2012 Legislative Agenda

January 18, 2012 M. Ray
PHIL WILLIAMS – 2012 LEGISLATIVE AGENDA JOBS/ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT – Job Creation and Retention Act This Bill is slated to be a major jobs creation bill that is highly sought after by the administration and the majority leadership. It is a spinoff of the former “Mercedes incentive”. ADO and the Governors offices are very actively in
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FOX 6: Authorities serve 125 warrants in ‘Operation Mayhem’ roundup

January 18, 2012 M. Ray
Submitted by Tiffany Glick, Fox 6 Community Web Producer Wednesday, May 18th, 2011, 5:08pm More than two dozen east Alabama drug suspects—many of them alleged drug dealers are behind bars Wednesday night after a roundup known as Operation Mayhem.Police officers from throughout Etowah County joined the Etowah County Drug Enforcement Unit on a roundup of
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Announcing: Yellow Hammer’s 2012 “Legislators to Watch”

October 14, 2011 M. Ray
From YellowHammerPolitics.Com Alabama GOP legislators set a high standard in the historic 2011 session. What will their follow-up act look like? Here are Yellow Hammer’s 2012 “Legislators to Watch.” Rep. McClendon 1. Rep. JIM McCLENDON Rep. McClendon tops our inaugural list of legislators to watch. Why? Because he’s House Chairman of the Permanent Committee on
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