Alabama is a Beacon for the Nation

November 8, 2012 mray Blog

On election night 2012 I joined conservatives all over the country in a shared sense of disbelief as the most liberal President in the history of the United States was re-elected with numbers that no other incumbent administration has been able to survive. It was beyond disappointing and carries grave consequences for our great nation.

But the bright light in the midst of it all was Alabama. At every corner of the State Alabamians voted for conservative principles and conservative leadership. From the White House to the Court House the citizens of this State made themselves very clear….”this is Alabama and we are conservative.”

At this point I believe that Alabama has established itself in the minds of the country as a place where the core principles upon which this nation was founded are intent upon being preserved. Fiscal conservatism….check. The growth of the free market…..check. A belief that individuals should take personal responsibility for their actions….check. The knowledge that a hand-up is always better than a hand-out….check. That peace comes through diplomacy only when it is backed by strength….check. The intent that government should govern but not dominate….check.

These are principles and Alabama is guided by them. I will not lament another day on the election results from the national perspective. I will instead work to ensure that this great state continues to be a bright spot for other states to see, and a leader for other states to follow. Alabama is a beacon for the nation….so lets start broadcasting loudly from Radio Free Alabama and dust off the tenth Amendment….there is work to be done.

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