Thank you for taking the time to review the details of my service to the people of Alabama Senate District Ten, and the State of Alabama at large! It is my honor to serve as an Alabama State Senator.

I am excited about the future we can build for the citizens of Etowah and Cherokee Counties, and remain optimistic because I know that we have everything it takes here to maintain and grow the quality of life that makes Alabama a great State!

I am committed to several bedrock conservative principles which are listed below and demonstrated throughout this website. I hope that you’ll join me as we work toward the best that Alabama can be and set the standard for others States to follow.

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Sen. Phil Williams Responds to Baseless Attacks by the Ala. Political Reporter

January 11, 2016 M. Ray
Senator Phil Williams (R-Rainbow City) forcefully responded today to baseless attacks on his character and law practice by the Alabama Political Reporter, a political blog run by Bill Britt. In a show of transparency, Williams turned over his law firm’s client list to the Alabama Ethics Commission under seal for their review. “Over the past few weeks, a blogger named Bill Britt has written a number of posts attacking not only my character, but also the name of my late father, a highly-decorated Army veteran and revered public servant,” Williams said. “Further, Britt has attacked my law firm and its clients and insinuated I have used my position as a senator for private gain.”
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Perfection Versus Excellence

September 24, 2015 M. Ray
As I write this opinion I am a few days removed from the final round of Alabama’s budgeting melee. It was a thorough and exhausting process and while I am not entirely satisfied with the result I recognize that there were some solid victories in the process. It calls to mind a quote I’ve retained
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